Sunday, December 21, 2008

For most Filipinos, the Philippines is not a hopeless country

Aside from the fact that fewer Filipinos consider themselves as poor and food poor, majority of Filipinos see hope in the Philippines and would rather stay in the Philippines than to move to another country.

The latest Pulse Asia survey said that Filipinos have become hopeful of the Philippines this year and a majority of them would not migrate to another country despite the prevailing controversies in the country.

The number of Filipinos who disagree that the Philippines is a hopeless case have increased to 68 percent compared to the 2007 survey result of 54 percent. This sentiment is highly manifested in Mindanao with 75 percent to 79 percent; in urban Visayas with 77 percent; and among government and private sector employees with 75 percent.

What is more noteworthy is the fact that even the Filipino farmers and fishermen disagree that the Philippines is a hopeless country. When asked if the country is hopeless, 77 percent of them, answered no.

Furthermore, the latest survey showed that a majority of Filipinos would decline if given an opportunity to migrate to another country. About 54 percent would rather not leave if given a chance to migrate while only 20 percent said they will. Pulse Asia said that the desire to leave the country has significantly declined compared to the result of the October 2007 survey at 43 percent.

Pulse Asia noted that most people in Luzon and those in the rural areas of the country do not want to migrate.

The survey also noted that the people who are inclined to migrate to another country have college degrees.

This is a good manifestation that the value of patriotism or love of country has not been lost among Filipinos.(PIA 8)


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