Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Every Filipino has a role to play in making aspirations for the country come true

Every Filipino share the same wish for the country to surmount the threats of global economic crunch and continue to tread the path to economic prosperity so that every Filipino family will be able to experience a better and peaceful life.

As the year 2009 is still new and New Year's resolutions are supposed to be made by every one, it is hope that each and every Filipino will write as one of their resolutions that of doing their part in the fulfillment of the common goal for the Philippines.

For the country to ward of the global economic threats and really continue its economic development, it is prayed that the detractors will include as one of their resolutions that of uniting with the Administration in matters affecting common good.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has always wished, and this is also the wish of every Filipino, for the economic reforms to redound to the economic upliftment of every Filipino – more food in every Filipino family's table, better access to quality education, more opportunities to good paying jobs, easier access to basic social services.

The President is wishing not only economic prosperity for each and every Filipino. She is entrusting the country under the care of the loving hands of God. She is hoping to give dignity to every peace-loving and patriotic Filipino.

It is only in unity that the country will be able to triumphantly ward off the global economic crunch that is threatening to affect the country in 2009.

It is only in unity that the government will be able to make good the programs and projects aimed at cushioning the impact of economic crisis and make people really feel the fruits of the economic growth that never before was made possible.

It is also in unity that the elusive peace the country and its people have been wishing for will be achieved.

This wish will only turn into reality if and when each and every Filipino will do his or her share in making this dream for the country come true.(PIA 8)


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